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Google MAP API Key issues?

1- For development purpose only

If you have seen Google MAP with light black background where you seen this message.

1- For development purpose only

Then please go to WordPress Dashboard --> Classiera Options --> Google Settings --> Google API Key.

From here remove our API key and then insert your own API key then your Google MAP will work fine.

2- Auto Complete issue on Submit/edit Ad page .

If you have insert your API key and still Auto complete function is not working on you submit ad page then its means You have not enabled Geocoding API.

Please go to Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.

From here select your project and then you will see In use APIs --> Click on View All APIs --> Unused APIs --> Geocoding API --> Enabled

Then your Submit ad page will work fine.

3- Google MAP Show error 404.

Please Visit this link

From here first select your project then come to APIs --> Maps JavaScript API --> Credentials --> From here click on edit single --> Then Click on API restrictions --> From here make sure you have enabled 

Geocoding API
Maps JavaScript API

Have a look at this screenshot.

Now Press Save button, Your problem will be solved.