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If you are going to submit ticket for our BeTube Video WordPress theme , then make sure we are not providing support for any Porn/Adult related websites.


Does Betube support Google Adsense?

Yes Betube support Google Ads or image ads or any type of HTML Ads.

1- If you want to place ads within HomePage Section then you need to go

WordPress Dashboard --> BeTube Options --> Home Section --> Here you will see 

a) Ads Code for First Section

b) Ads Code for Second Section

c) Ads Code for Third Section

d) Ads Code for fourth Section

e) Ads Code for Five Section

f) Ads Code for Movies Section

2- For blog page and for some other pages you need to go.

WordPress Dashboard --> BeTube Options --> Advertisements --> Here you will see.

a) Ads Code for Blog page

b) Ads Code for Category page

c) Ads Code for All Videos Page

d) Ads Code for Header V6

Note: You can also place ads code in Any Widget area by using Text Widget.