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Difference between locations in classiera

As you know in classiera we have 2 types of locations.
1- WordPress Dashboard --> All Posts --> Locations.
These locations we have shown on HomePage V5, And HomePage V6.
These locations comes with images. If you want to use locations with images then you must need to use these locations.
With these locations On Submit Ads there will be only one dropdown called "Select Country" Then there will be input for States & City & address, You can also turn OFF States and city.
And you can also Translate "Select Country" To Select City or states what you want.

2- Locations JW:
Here you can show Country -> States -> City.
Here you can put all country names then you can put states for that all countries then you can put cities for all states.
a) States will be depends on Country. On Submit Ads when user will select Country then in next dropdown will be shown states.
b) Cities depends on States. When user will select Country then in next dropdown states will be shown when user will select States then City will be shown.
In These locations you can also turn OFF City dropdown. Then there will be only 2 dropdown.
Select Country and Select states. But you can also translate "Select Country & Select States"

Note: So at the last if you want to show only one dropdown then user first locations. And if you want to shown 2 or 3 dropdown on submit ads page then use Locations JW.
I hope this article will help you to choose locations.