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How to configure Wordpress Automatic Plugin

Plugin URL :

How to use WordPress Automatic Plugin with Betube Video WordPress theme?

Step 1: Install Plugin.

Step 2: Come to WordPress Dashboard -->  WP Automatic --> YouTube Settings .

Here you need to enter your YouTube API Key, And save changes

How to get API key Please visit this link :

Step 3: Now come to WP Automatic --> Add new Campaign.

Then from Campaign option you need to select YouTube and done your other settings.

Step 4: From Post template we just need title in Post text template.

Step 5: From Post Format we need to add custom fields (For Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion)

Field Name : jtheme_video_url and in value we need [source_link].

"If you are not using YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion, And you are using any other media Like Facebook or any other then

Field Name : jtheme_video_code and in value we need [vid_embed].

Step 6: Then Select other options as per your need.

Publish this campaign and Run campaign.